Aug 3, 2009

Every Ghanaian is a saint (1)

Every one in Ghana is a saint, I think
It ranges from women aglow to men aflame
To Hands for Christ and the like
Every one seems to be blaming somebody
For something some one should have done.
A writer once said,
Don’t think about what someone will
Offer you, rather think about what you
Can do for someone
Every one is a doyen
And no one wants to be wrong
Every one seems to know a bit of
Everything and makes one as economist
Would say a “price taker”
As the old Akan saying
“Se wuye wuhu se wa ni ati a, se wuhu aponkye a wube kye a nu”
Wit, if you think you are so wise, you would greet a goat (take it for a human)